Terrasse Nelligan in Montreal, Quebec

Our 25th anniversary in Montreal on June 30th at Terrasse Nelligan?
Why not, I like travelling and all I need is a beautiful location to save memories of and of course some pictures to post on my web site, as I am a pretty famous food writer and influencer at home (sounds funny, but it’s true).
And this restaurant is reported on TripAdvisor to be among the best 5 in town.

The Terrasse Nelligan on top of the building was attractive so we booked, but we couldn’t fight against bad weather who hijacked us to the Versus Restaurant at the first floor!

The atmosphere was nice tho in this restaurant, elegant and cozy enough and the service was excellent and very warm.

I have been delighted by that soft bread with olives and also by the amuse bouche, that came into the shape of a small and soft focaccia bread topped in green cream and little red tomato.


We started with two wonderful entrées:

– cheese raviolo with truffle and fresh beans

– sauté salmon with fresh beans and a delightful beetroot granita.
The granita was a delightful surprise for flavour and temperature.


Then we enjoied two top level main courses.
Believe me if I say that we Italians know how a good risotto should look like and this risotto with cuttlefish ink, lobster and scallop was absolutely delicious.

Cooking a not chewy or too raw scallop is not for common people: you need a good chef.

terrasse nelligan

My hubby found the filet mignon delicious enough to scrape the dish!

terrasse nelligan

Blanc de black on top of everything to celebrate and a nice surprise from the chef: he treated us with a sweet dish that (respectfully to the fact I was a bit –completely- overwhelmed by the champagne) was composed (I’m quite sure about this) by three little raspberry-passion fruit panna cottas topped with passion fruit ice cream and served with an excellent sider from Quebec.


The only thing I should complain -but I know it’s the fashion overseas- is too much “grass’ to decorate each dish.
Apart from this, what to say… not for every day because it is not cheap, but a “top top top” restaurant for special occasions.

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  1. Mi permetto di incollare qui il commento giunto via mail, perché’ mi “galvanizza”
    Bonjour Mme Leoncini,

    My name is Eric Pelletier, I am the food and beverage Director at Hotel Nelligan. I wanted to thank you for the time that you took writing to us. Rarely do I get this type of detailed review. I can clearly see that you know about food and that your experience with us was what we have been working towards since my arrival over 2 years ago.

    I’ve already shared your e-mail with the whole team and I can tell you that you made a very happy chef and brigade. If ever you feel like it and want to share your experience on Trip Advisor it will be much appreciated. I know that you’re not a fan but it truly helps us throughout the year.

    Thank you again

    Eric Pelletier
    Directeur de la restauration | Food and beverage Director
    Hôtel Nelligan
    106, rue St-Paul Ouest
    Vieux Montréal (Québec) H2Y 1Z3
    Tel.: 514 373-8991 Cell.: 514 939-3794 Téléc. : 514 788-2041
    Courriel: epelletier@hotelnelligan.com
    Le Place d’Armes Hôtel et Suites – Hôtel Nelligan – Auberge du Vieux Port – Le Petit Hôtel
    Suite 701 – Kyo – Méchant Boeuf – Verses – Taverne Gaspar – Bevo Pizzeria + Bar
    Steakhouse du Vieux-Port – Modavie

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