Lightenings and thunderstorms above Queensland

Ok, let’s say that I have never seen such thunderstorms and that lightenings were absolutely amazing within their being scary: since we arrived in Brisbane on Nov 3rd 2015 we could see many storms and some of them were absolutely unique.

We have been caught just yesterday in something like a big washing machine trying to eat all the house and the yard where we were guests at Samford and this was interesting, being our first tropical storm.
I posted it also on INSTAGRAM, ‘cause I have been really impressed.


But the enormous quantity of lightenings that it carried was not as impressive as it could have been due to the many trees that surround that beautiful ancient Queensland’s home.
The one we could see on Nov. 23rd was really much more impressive to us.
You will find all details about it following this LINK that heads to THE COURIER MAIL

But let me tell you what I saw from the window and show you some pictures as well!

From the superb window of the living room located at the 10th floor in Torbreck, Highgate Hill, facing South, the view is wide: it usually happens to us to watch at it every evening from our sofa instead of switching on the tv and it is much more better!


So on that Nov 23rd the weather forecasts App on the Iphone let no hope, advising about a severe thunderstorm which was already detected near Wondai and Cherbourg, moving towards the northeast.

What we did was just to sit on the sofa, beer and chips on the little table, and wait: we knew of course it was dangerous for people who might have been around in the roads and also for structures and cars and fields that might be damaged by the hail which was also forecasted (and came as big as tennis and golf balls) but we hoped for the better, since there was nothing we really could do.

Lightenings are bizarre, because they never tell you they are coming, so with a small camera like the one we have it was not easy to catch them, as they of course always came in a portion of sky which was out of the display… lol 😀

What I decided then was to bravely move on the balcony and try to guess were to look for the next incoming lightening.
And… bingo!

In the end, when I was just thinking it was hopeless, I could fix forever the biggest lightenings I have ever seen in my Mediterranean life: we are used to to see storms from our apartment in front of the sea in Italy, but none will never be like this, as at home lightenings come one at the time, nothing similar to the big net of lights we could spot during that big thunderstorm.


See you soon on here guys, have a nice day and… if you wish to read more about my trip to Australia please click on the icon!brisbane

Silvia, #storytellerdiCuneo

4 thoughts on “Lightenings and thunderstorms above Queensland

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