Homemade nachos

Homemade Nachos , and your FIESTA will have no limits!

Summer is at the door, and this means garden parties , cocktails on the terrace and barbecues everywhere.

No need to open a package of nachos when you can easily and proudly fix them with your hands.
I woke up this morning thinking about what I could offer to my guests next Monday, at my Birthday party, together with a drink, and I decided I definitely had to try to make nachos at home, ‘cause I often buy ready made ones that seem too dry and hard .

It took me very little time , and the result was excellent.

I therefore propose you my exclusive recipe , in small quantities so that you can try it, but I suggest you just now to triple the dose, cause they will not last for more than 5 minutes !
These nachos are also low in calories , since they’re not fried ones !

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INGREDIENTS for about 50 nachos I used a soup spoon to measure the flour.

7 spoons of corn flour

5 spoons of self raising white flour

1/2 spoon olive oil

1 pinch of salt



1. Mix the two flours with salt and oil, adding water as needed to obtain a soft mass , similar in touch to the pizza dough

2 . Make a very thin layer of dough with a rolling pin on floured surface and in the meantime turn the oven to 180 C degrees

3 . Cut circles of dough as large as a tea cup

4 . Brush a frying pan with oil and cook each disk of dough 1 minute per side

5 . Cut them into wedges with scissors and place the obtained triangles on a baking metal pan

6 . Bake for about 5 minutes and then place the nachos on a grid to make them quickly cool and get crispy.


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