Homemade limoncello, the tasty lemon liquor from Italy


Limoncello is the outstanding star of the fruity spirits, and its color immediately evokes Summer.

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Recipes for limoncello are so many, but ingredients are always the same: alcohol, lemons, sugar, water.
What really makes the difference among the recipes is the percentage of each ingredient.
My personal version is strong and not too sweet, so that you can easily drink my limoncello after dinner, as a digestive drink, but of course you can make it sweeter just adding more sugar!


1000 g of pure alcohol 90%, suitable for food (ask the grocery shop)
1000 g of yellow lemons, that should have been grown with no pesticides, (the best are the Naples ones, but other lemons are welcome)
400 grams of sugar
1000 g of water


1. You will need the yellow part of the skin of each lemon, so peel them using a sharp knife or the specific tool (sold in most of house ware shops) and be careful not to pick up the white part which is under the yellow one because it is very bitter

In order not to go crazy  using a knife and spend too much time on this, equip yourself with the specific tool (10 dollars, may be less)

2. Take a glass container (preferably high and narrow) and fill it with the yellow lemon skin and 1000 g of alcohol.
Close with the lid and make the infusion in a cool place for 2 weeks, gently shaking ones a day.

3.  Now you will need to filter alcohol in order to separate it from the lemon skin: take a strainer from the kitchen, cover it with a piece of cloth (cotton or linen will be ok) and put it on a big bowl

4. Filter the alcohol through the strainer

5. In a pan heat 1000 g of water and and 400 g of sugar until sugar is completely melted.
You don’t need to boil water, but merely to melt sugar inside it by heatig a bit.

6. Pour the water in the alcohol and stir with a spoon, then leave cooling

7. When your limoncello reaches the room temperature, pour it into bottles, close and store in a dark place for minimum 1 month before drinking.

What about the lemon juice?
You can make a syrup from it, or use the whole interior of the lemon to make a jelly… but this is another story!


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