Easy to make bun sandwiches


Children on a school trip with a lunch box, and inside it delicious, home made, easy to make bun sandwiches!

In Genoa, the beautiful Mediterranean town where I grew up, bakers used to churn out a bread that I liked so much when I was a lil girl : they were named libretti (booklets)
When I went on a school trip my grandmother often used to bake them at home for me.

After asking my mom the recipe, I think I can tell you enough.

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550 g of white flour

25 g of yeast

1 tablespoon olive oil

2 pinches of salt

1 teaspoon of sugar to add to the yeast

water q.b.

PLEASE NOTICE: I state that if you have mixed thoroughly, after three hours you can already bake the sandwiches, but of course if you let them rise (leaven) more time they will be even better.

You will have square buns  that stay soft and -being obtained by successive bends -are easy to carve with a knife, they don’t break into pieces, so are the perfect sandwich buns.


1. Knead flour, yeast, sugar and water vigorously, and when the mass begins to be homogeneous , add salt and knead again.

2 . Put the dough in a bowl to leaven, well covered with plastic wrap, for about 3 hours

3 . Take the dough (it should be pretty swollen) and roll small portions of it with a rolling pin, as if you were making a rectangular pizza: you shoud obtain a thin layer

4 . Make 3 pleats, folding the top and bottom flap of the rectangle towards the center of the layer, then turn 90 degrees and repeat

5 . Now cut the square buns, which will be your booklets with a sharp knife

6 . NOW: you have two possibilities:

– If you want to eat the buns as soon as possible, immediately heat the oven at 392 F degrees -and as soon as the temperature is reached- make many lil holes with a fork on the top face of each booklet , and bake on parchment paper
– If you have time, leave to rise for at least one more hour, or two perhaps, and then bake


The booklets will be very soft and will be perfect to be cut and stuffed.

If you wish, you can brush them with milk on the surface before baking, which will be good for the color and the crust

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