Befana history, Lasagna Day and baked lasagna recipe

Just a few words about lasagna, a delicious italian dish: do you remember Garfield? He loves them and we do too!




Lasagna is very popular in Italy and guess what? In some region as Liguria there is a special Lasagna Day on 6th January.
If you watch pictures below you will find the whole history and it’s really interesting and amusing, especially for children.

An old, poor lady called Befana brings small presents in the socks of children during the night between 5th and 6th of January.
January 6th is called Epifania Day.
Making a joke with letters, we say Epifa(g)na bianca lasagna: Epifa(g)na white lasagna.
So we use to bake white pasta shaped as lasagna and seasoned with meat and besciamella sauce.
I know it’s a funny history 😀 !

Diciamo anche solo due parole sulle lasagne: Garfield le adora, e noi anche!

I will let pictures talk and let you decide if you are going to fix this dish right now, immediately, or may be tomorrow, but you will definitely want to eat it!

Lascero’ che le immagini parlino da sole e che voi decidiate se prepararle subito ora, o domani, ma una cosa e’ certa: le vorrete assolutamente mangiare!

Please enjoy the slides, as they also include baked lasagna recipe: to stop one of them and read just put your mouse on it.
While moving the mouse away, the next slide will be shown.

Ecco immagini e ricetta: per arrestare le slide e leggere con calma, basta fermarvi il mouse sopra; spostandolo, ripartiranno.

Just in case you need a good besciamella recipe, please follow THIS to fix it without any problem.

Per cercare altre ricette con le lasagne, seguire il link qui sopra.

If you also need an easy meat sauce recipe, there’s one HERE.

Per un sugo di carne veloce, seguire il link qui sopra

Please enjoy your meal!

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